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Starting Out with Hirst Arts

Posted by Komoda on

Often newcomers to the fold of Hirst Arts ask for suggestions as to which molds to begin with.With over 150 molds available, it can be overwhelming. The following is a suggestion as to how begin.


  1. Choose a basic texture
  2. Choose a matching detail
  3. Choose a floor
  4. Choose a roof
  5. Choose an accent

First, I would choose a texture for you models. Egyptian, fieldstone, castle, cavern, and sci-fi are just some of the options. Buy the most basic building mold for this style. It will allow you to build the most bricks at once, which still won’t be fast enough for you. A great starter is mold #40 Basic Block Mold.

Second, pick up a mold that is designed to work with the first but has more details. It will allow you to create more interesting buildings and should have enough large blocks to help you build a little faster. #54 Gothic Church, #55 Bell Tower, #63 Octagon Tower

Third, you will need a floor mold to build upon. If you are going to make small buildings you can easily use one of the more decorative textures. If you are planning on building larger structures, like castles, dungeons, or city walls, then I strongly suggest the more basic versions.

Fourth, you will probably want a roof style to finish off your buildings. If you only plan to build interior designs you can easily substitute this for another detail mold.

Finally, choose an accent mold that will allow you to build something beyond a basic building. One that allows you to significantly add to a basic design is highly recommended. The best are molds that can be used alone or with just about any other.

Putting it together:

  1. A great starter is mold #40 Basic Block Mold.
  2. Great matching detail options are #54 Gothic Church, #55 Bell Tower, #63 Octagon Tower.
  3. One of the most versatile floor molds is #203 Cracked Floor Tiles but #264 Rubble Floor Tile Mold is nice too.
  4. Both #240 Wood Shingle Roof Mold and #245 Slate Shingle Roof Mold are great starters.
  5. #226 Wooden Beam Mold and #250 Small block mold will allow you to accent just about any texture you choose to begin with.
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